” I was just 37 years old then when I first started getting fainting spells. In fact, I collapsed a number of times! When I went for my MSCT scan, I was told that 2 of my arteries were 50% blocked and that the calcium score was 11. The doctor further said that I would have to undergo surgery if the condition were to worsen.

Determined to find a solution to my problem I tried out all sorts of herbs and supplements. Then I discovered that the ingredients that are now used in Xcel-Life really worked in clearing my condition. When I went back to see the doctor for a follow-up check, he was amazed by the results and he said that my condition had cleared! Because I managed to pull through this major problem, I want to now share this prescription with those who are in a similar situation so that they too can get a healthy new lease of life. ”

K. C. Kong Founder, Xcel-Life